Waiting for Mama

May 31, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

As I was walking to the cafeteria today to get a cup of tea, I ran into a friend/colleague. She mentioned to me that we had a newborn fawn on site and that she would show it to me on the way back to our building. As soon as she said that, I was thrilled with excitement. I quickly grabbed my tea and we headed back. And sure enough, there was the fawn laying just outside the windows of the building. We went inside and walked along the windows to get a closer look at the tiny/precious little fawn that lay out there on the rocks and in the shade. It didn't look all that comfortable on the rocks, yet it didn't budge. It just lay there, facing the window and looking inside.

The adorable little fawn was the highlight of the day for many and everyone who heard about it took a trip to the window isle to take a peak and grab a pic with their cell phones. The fawn didn't seem too phased by any of it and just laid there... snoozing, yawning, grooming itself, and watching people walk by. So many people walked by on the walkway and didn't even notice it there.

I worked late so that I could go out and grab some photos after things settled down and there weren't too many people left on site. I was able to grab photos from a few different angles and even met and chatted with a few new hires while I was out there. Everyone was in awe at the precious little life that we all got to enjoy today. Personally, I instantly fell in love with the beautiful baby. I stayed for just over an hour and sat at a distant bench watching. Mama strolled through once to check on her youngster, but didn't stay as there was still a flurry of activity with people leaving the office for the day.

Last year we had two fawns and they stuck around for several weeks before following mama, so I'm hoping this precious little one will also hang out for a few weeks and give me the opportunity to watch it grow.


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