Portrait of a blue jay

May 21, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Today is my fourth day at camp and my first day that I haven't been working as I finished up around 8:30 last night. Now that the work is done, it is time to relax and have fun. This morning was really chilly and my poor dogs were so cold. I turned on the heat in the camper and snuggled with them for a bit.

Eventually, I made it out of the camper and I relaxed out on the deck hand feeding chipmunks and photographing my chipmunks and blue jays. I now have three chipmunks who will come up and take peanuts from my hands. It's super cute how they will put their paws in my hand as they reach up to grab the peanuts. I could never get enough of their cuteness and I miss them every winter when I'm home.

While playing with the chipmunks, I also enjoyed watching the blue jays come in for peanuts. They won't come as close to me, but they do come close enough for me to get great photographs of them and so that is what I did this morning. I sat quietly on the deck, handing peanuts to the chipmunks running up to me and I watched as the blue jays fly in and take peanuts from the chippy feeding station. At one point I counted 6 of them and enjoyed their activity in my yard. While photographing them and the chipmunks I also spotted robins, a pair of cardinals, and two hummingbirds. I didn't get any shots of the other birds, but it was nice to see them.

After I goofed off in the yard, I went to the park to walk the loop around the ball fields and along a portion of LaChute River. The water level is extremely high and the hydroplant is running at full force, so there wasn't much to see. A few gulls were hanging out and I got some shots of them and a cormorant flew in briefly, but not long enough for photos. 

After goofing off in town, I went back to the campground for lunch, a nap, and dinner with my parents. Then after dinner, I went for another long walk. It feels so good to be in the Adirondacks, enjoying the fresh air and nature. Now it's time to relax by the fire and try to go through some photos.

Here is one of the blue jay portraits I was able to get.


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