Meet Woody

May 19, 2019  •  1 Comment

The best part of the month of May is that camping season begins. I spent Friday evening and Saturday morning loading up the car with everything I needed to open my camper. Because I had the kayak on the top, I took the long way which is roughly 3 hrs and 45 minutes to avoid the highway. The long way is only 45 minutes longer than my usual way, but very scenic and beautiful. The drive up went well and was rather enjoyable.

Once I arrived at the campground, I dropped my dogs off at my parents and began opening. Opening is so much work as everything needs to be connected, cleaned, and put away. Lots of time is spent working both inside and outside to prepare for the season. By 6:30 last night I was done working for the day and relaxed with my family for a bit. Sitting by the fire with cocktails was the best way to end the day before going in and crashing. I was out like a light so early.

This morning I got up and I finished getting things done inside the camper, then I went outside with my nieces to play with my chipmunks. I was excited to see that Woody and Stubby who have their homes on my site were still here with me as this is my third year with them. For chipmunks, that is old. While my nieces were here, Stubby was running over to take peanuts out of our hands, but Woody was a little nervous and would come just close enough for us to toss the peanuts to him/her. While the girls were handing out peanuts, I grabbed my camera and grabbed a few shots. Several times Woody went up onto the back wall of my fire pit and gave me some great opportunities for photos. After the girls left, he wasn't as nervous and ran right over to me to grab a peanut out of my hand. I was thrilled to already have two chipmunks coming in so close. I even got a quick opportunity to rub Woody's back. It's unbelievable how soft chipmunks are.

After playing with my chipmunks, I ran a few errands and returned to work in the yard. I got a little work done, but not as much as I wanted before the thunderstorms rolled in. I'm getting there slowly, tomorrow is another day and hopefully I'll soon have the outside done. I was hoping to pick up some annuals for the garden at Wallmart, but they had a poor selection and they all looked horrible, so I'll have to bring annuals up from home (from Adams) on my next trip.

Since Woody did such a great job posing for pics, I figured he had to be the center of attention in my blog. Meet my adorable little buddy, Woody!


Johnny j(non-registered)
Love the write up with your pics n write up they sound like their up for adoption lol great job again
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