Family of Geese

May 11, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Over the past few months, the weekends have been filled with rain and even more rain, making it difficult for me to get out with my camera. Today, the sun finally decided to shine bright, giving me a great opportunity to get out.

I started my day a little slowly as my belly wasn't feeling so well and I had a headache that kept coming and going. Since I got out later than I planned, I only had 20 minutes to look for the great horned owlets who had fledged. I found one and he was in a terrible spot, making it difficult to get a nice shot. After I took a few shots, I headed out and towards Kingston for the Raptor Event I was helping Annie at.

Today's event was an indoor event with a room packed with people. Lots of young children and adults who listened carefully to Annie's program. She brought 3 screech owls, a barred owl, a broad-winged hawk, a red-tailed hawk, a barn owl, a peregrine falcon, and an american kestrel. The crowd was in awe at all the birds and lots of people took advantage of taking photos of the raptor's up close.

After the event, I headed home to walk my dogs and feed them dinner before going out with my camera. They were thrilled to see me and get out for a walk on such a beautiful day. Once I had them all taken care of, I ran out to one of my favorite local ponds. The light was so perfect and there were so many birds to photograph. Four pairs of the Canada Geese had goslings and they provided wonderful opportunities for photographs. In addition to the geese, I enjoyed mallard ducks, killdeer, spotted sandpipers, robins, and tree swallows. I spent 2 hours at the pond having fun and eventually tore myself away to check on swans at another pond. No cygnets yet, but I could see the eggs in the nest when the adult stood up. Sadly though, I was shooting into the sun and so I wasn't able to get any good shots of that.

Now as I sit here relaxing with my dogs and reflecting on my day, it sure was wonderful!


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