Easter Eagles

April 21, 2019  •  1 Comment

My Easter Sunday began with a slow start as I got up earlier than I usually would on a weekend and was very slow moving. I first made coffee and relaxed with my boyz before hopping in the shower and getting out for the day. It was close to 9:00 when I finally ventured out of my home to head towards my favorite bald eagle nest.

I arrived on location by 9:30 and found my friend John already in position and a 17 year old named John also in position. The viewing windows for watching the nest are extremely small and tough to get to. Because everything was muddy, I was nervous about trying to get down the hill into a decent spot and so I sat in a spot that wasn't all that great. After a good hour or so being frustrated by how tough my spot was, I finally ventured down into a better spot.

The spot I got to for better viewing was beyond uncomfortable. I sat in the mud at an angle that made my whole body hurt and parts of my body go numb. The first part to begin hurting was my back, then my butt started to hurt and it eventually went numb. Not long after my left leg went numb and then my right foot. As I sat there hurting, all I could think was how in the heck am I going to get up from this position. 

The majority of the activity I got to enjoy happened while I was in the not so great spot as by the time I got to the better spot, the eaglets were well fed and snoozed. I've only looked through a small handful of shots, but I was thrilled that I got a family portrait and so I thought that would be fun to share in the blog. Both parents were in the nest for maybe a minute and I didn't think I got a family shot, so I was thrilled when I saw that I had gotten it after all.



Lyn Burnstine(non-registered)
This is beyond beautiful, Debbie. What a lovely family!
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