Hummingbird enjoying the Bee Balm

August 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Wow, I've just realized it's been a long while since my last blog post. I've been out taking photos, but I'm so far behind on processing them that I haven't had a chance to blog.

Today I went to hang out at the gardens at Fort Ticonderoga. The staff there has been working very hard all summer and it really shows now as the gardens are absolutely spectacular. I took a few photos of them recently because they are so stunning. Although today I didn't get any shots of the gardens as I focused on single flowers and hummingbirds.

There must be at least 8 hummingbirds hanging out in the gardens, possibly even nesting in the crabapple trees. I stood there for a while and it was amusing how it would be really quiet, then out of nowhere these tiny little creatures would be buzzing about and chasing each other. One of the females has a favorite branch on the crabapple tree straight across from where I was standing and so I often just watched her sit there and preen. It was a dark spot she sat in, so the photo opportunities there were impossible. 

As I photographed the hummingbirds, I eventually realized that I was only getting photos of females. Perhaps the males weren't hanging out in that area or maybe it was just one female I was getting over and over. I'm not really sure. In addition to the hummingbirds buzzing around, I got to see three different butterflies and a chipmunk. The butterflies didn't stop on any of the flowers, they simply fluttered on through, so I just enjoyed their beauty as they passed. Also, the chipmunk didn't cooperate for photos either, so I just watched him best I could as he disappeared into the garden.

It was a beautiful day there. Not only did I see the small creatures in the gardens, I also watched three osprey very high up soar above my head and an immature bald eagle did a very quick fly by. The eagle and osprey didn't give much of a photo opportunity, so I just watched and enjoyed their presence. 

As always, it was a nice day out and I'm happy to share one of the beautiful shots I got of a female hummingbird.



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