The Osprey Kids have Fledged

July 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I thought I was getting an early start and getting to the location of the Osprey right at opening, then when I arrived I realized they opened early for a special event. The parking lot I usually park in was filled and so I found a spot to make my own parking spot like many others had also done.

I got out of my car, grabbed my gear and headed over to the osprey nest. Upon arrival I was shocked to see an empty nest as they Osprey Kids usually don't fledge until the end of July / early August. The female was sitting in the tree the male is usually sitting in and so I watched her while eyeing the area to see if I could find the fledgelings. Eventually one of the fledgelings made some noise and flapped its wings and I spotted it at the very tippy top of a pine tree.

I watched the youngster for a little bit, then tried to find the other one with no luck. While I waited to see the fledgeling launch and fly, I goofed off and photographed flowers, insects, hummingbirds, and butterflies in the garden. The youngster sat there for several hours and I lucked out by being in position for the take-off when it finally happened. He flew a few circles, then I spotted him trying to land in a dead tree. At the same time I noticed the other fledgeling already perched in that same tree.

The fledgeling that was coming in for a landing wound up landing on the fledgeling that was already in the tree. They looked like a tangled mess and I was so nervous for them as the one who was already perched looked like he was dangling. They both appeared to be in a bad position. Eventually, the one on the bottom fell out of the tree. I tried walking around the tree line to see what was going on and I spotted him getting untangled from the tree he fell in. He got out and flew off and landed in another tree. His flight and landing were a bit awkward, but he did manage to get to the other tree safely.

I stayed for a while longer, hoping the parents would lure them back to the nest, but that never happened. Eventually I wound up leaving because I was overheated and feeling nauseous. I felt a little nervous for them because it seemed as though they fledged earlier than they should have. At this point there is nothing I can do except know that their parents are keeping an eye on them and will keep them as safe as possible.

Overall, my day on location was really nice and I went home with so many great photos. Hopefully the kids will do well and I'll get more opportunities with them before they leave the area.


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