Out came the Groundhog

June 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Finally, the sun came out today and it was such a gorgeous day. The only thing wrong with the day was the fact that I had to spend most of it indoors, at work.

I snuck out at lunch time and enjoyed some time photographing Canadian Geese with their adorable little goslings. The goslings had the goofiest movements and all stayed together and close to the parents. This was the first time I've ever spent time with Canadian Geese and their goslings. My biggest surprise was that both the mom and the dad stayed together with them. It was really cute to observe their behaviors as a family.

As I was leaving work to head home, I saw a baby groundhog run over the hill right next to the building I work at. Thankfully I had my camera, so I went to my car and parked near the hill to see if the baby groundhog would come back out of his hole. He eventually did and so did the parent who was in there with him. After roughly 10 minutes of watching him sitting with his head out of the hole, another baby came running through and hopped into another hole that was part of their tunnel system. I sat back and watched for roughly a half hour. Both kids eventually came out and so did the parent. The kids chomped on the grass and I watched the adult collect a mouthful of grass and bring it back to their tunnel system which I'm assuming is their den/nest. I hardly get to observe groundhogs in their natural habitat, so this was rather fun. I might try to spend a little time with them again tomorrow if possible.

When I finished watching the groundhogs, I headed towards home and made a stop at Cary Institute of Ecological Studies. I didn't stay there long as I had to get home to the dogs. I first went up to Fern Glen to browse around and see what I could find, all I saw was a turtle on a log. From there, I went to the north bridge and didn't see much there either. As I was leaving, I saw three baby rabbits, but as soon as they heard my car, they ran into the tall grasses. I parked for a few minutes and turned off the car in hopes they may come back out, but they didn't.

It was really tough to choose a blog photo as the goslings and the baby groundhogs were all adorable. I wound up deciding to go with a baby groundhog shot since he is an extremely adorable little creature!

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