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June 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

What a busy and awesome day! I spent it across three different locations, saw so much wildlife and baked in the sun. I was supposed to go home after my second stop, but I couldn't resist the third stop and am so glad I did because there was a bunch more opportunity there.

At my first stop, I saw Canadian Geese with their goslings, Swans with their cygnets, two green heron, a great blue heron, a garter snake, a water snake, turtles and a bunch of songbirds (mostly red winged blackbirds).

At my second stop I had the pleasure to photograph an adult bald eagle and I watched some geese and a pair of mallards. I didn't take too many pics at the second stop, but I sure did a lot of walking up and down hills in the hot sun. By the time I left, I was so hot, hungry and exhausted, but instead of going home I stopped at a third location.

The third location was extremely fun, but difficult with the position of the sun. I watched a bunch of starlings bathing in a mud puddle, then went to a different area of the location and saw all kinds of stuff. There was a great blue heron fishing, four green herons, a pair of Canadian Geese with their goslings, a bunch of turtles and an American Mink. The waterfowl was not at all pleased by the appearance of the American Mink. The geese spotted it and started yelling and moving away. Then it got close to a green heron and all the green heron and the great blue heron yelled. Everyone yelled, screamed and carried on until the mink was well enough away.

My day out viewing wildlife was really awesome and I got a lot of blog worthy photo's. Because I've never seen cygnets in person, I figured I had to use my swan family photo! They didn't come too close, nor did they stay in view for long, but I enjoyed every minute that I had with them!

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