Rabbit in Snow

March 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I stepped out of work today and quickly realized that I missed out on a gorgeous day by being stuck in the dungeon (my office is in the basement of the building). The sun was shining so brightly and it was almost 60 degrees out. I got home as quickly as I could and took the boyz for a walk around the neighborhood.

Our walk was really nice and it was funny how they did their best to avoid walking in puddles. There wasn't much grass exposed, so they looked hard for the small areas where they could do their business. Roughly half way through our walk Bailey had spotted one of my neighbors and all he wanted to do was go say hi. He shocked me completely when he ran through a big puddle to get over and see her when he usually avoids puddles like the plague!

Upon our arrival to our yard, I spotted a cute bunny in the back standing on his high legs. I quickly got the dogs in the house and grabbed my camera. I generally don't hand hold my camera with the 500mm on it, but I had no time to waste. Luckily, the bunny was still standing up and let me get a few horizontal and vertical shots before he sat down and ran off. He didn't go far, so I went back in and quickly changed my lens to the 100-400mm since it is easier for hand holding and went back out and got a few more shots. I slowly approached and he let me get within three or four feet. I got some nice shots before he finally took off. I was beyond thrilled with the nice opportunity since bunny's tend to run off as soon as they see me coming, even if he was in the shade and the light was a little tough to work with. 

Here's one of him when he was standing so tall and cute!

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