Canada Goose

March 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As I was typing in the date for my blog post title, I realized this year is already cruising by. Where is the time going? How is it possible that we are almost into the fourth month of the year?

Besides being shocked by how quickly time is going, I'm also a little disappointed in how much gloomy and overcast weather we've been having this season. It seams as though I need to do my best to get out when the sun is shining because chances are it isn't going to shine long. The morning started out really pretty with beautiful blue skies and temps a little cool in the 30's. Work was busy and I heard some disturbing news, so I decided to enjoy a little of the sunshine and take a nice long walk during my lunch break. By that time, the temps had risen into the 40's, but it felt rather cool as there was a pretty steady breeze. As long as I stayed in the sun it wasn't too bad, but in the shade it was a bit brisk. Thankfully I took that walk in the sunshine as when I got out of work in the late afternoon it was already completely overcast and gloomy.

During my walk I didn't see too much. I had an adorable little robin posing for me by a pond and a Canada Goose laying in the grass looking super comfy. I considered using one of my robin shots with the blurred water as a backdrop for my post today, but then realized I recently used a robin image, so I decided to go with the goose relaxing in the grass and enjoying the warmth of the sunshine!


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