Twofer at the Dam

November 23, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

What an amazing day at the dam! The light was good for the first half of the day and the action was good throughout the day!

The day started long before sunrise as we were out the door at roughly 5:20 and at the dam by 6. The crowds were already rolling in, so we had to quickly reserve our spots and get set up. Once set up, we relaxed for a bit and then the beautiful sunrise got our attention and shifted our focus into photography.

While I was walking around to get some sunrise shots, I noticed that a gentleman fishing was wearing a bald eagle suit. I thought it was really cool and couldn't resist grabbing a shot.

After we enjoyed the beautiful sunrise, we all waited for the light to get better and then that's when our fun began with the eagles and the gulls. The gulls were so close and fishing like mad all day and the activity with the eagles was a tad more sporadic. Although sporadic, they didn't disappoint. They fished, they chased each other, they dropped fish, and many even got to eat their catch.

In all my years of going to the dam, this was the first time they were landing behind us in really open spots that made for clean shots of them perched. There was one tree in particular that was fantastic that they were really enjoying. Throughout most of the day there was an eagle in it and a few times there were two.

The temperature was a bit cooler today than the past two days, but the sun felt good and the activity helped us keep our minds from thinking about the cold. 

In addition to enjoying the eagles, it was really fun running into friends we new from other locations, friends we made at the dam in previous years, and making new friends. We shared so many stories and so many laughs while chatting about eagles, photography, and various other topics.


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