Debs Creative Images | May 6, 2016

May 6, 2016

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The weather this past week has been really crappy.... incredibly rainy and gloomy. In fact, I think it rained several days straight with no breaks. Well, we finally had a break in the rain yesterday afternoon and again this evening. It was still completely overcast with no decent light, however, I still took a little time to get out both days.

Yesterday I went out and photographed mallards and wood ducks with their ducklings. OMG, how stinking cute. I'm hoping to get back out there on Monday when I'm off and the sun will finally be shining.

After work this evening, I went out for a short hike on a relatively flat trail that I really like. It wound up being my lucky evening as I found not one, but two barred owls to photograph. One wasn't in the best of spots, but the other one was incredibly cooperative for me. It moved around a couple of times (possibly hunting for food). One of the times it moved, I thought it was going to land on the ground, instead it landed in a spot extremely close to me with a completely unobstructive view. I was in heaven standing there as quietly as possible and photographing the gorgeous owl. It didn't stay for long before moving along, but I got a half way decent shot of it as it took off. I'm currently beyond excited over my wildlife experience this evening!


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