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August 2, 2015

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Hello everyone! How are you all?

Sadly, this is only my second blog post for 2015 and I do need to improve on my blogging skills. I guess you could say I've been busy enjoying life!  :-)

My summer has been really busy bouncing back and forth between home and camp. When I'm home I watch my favorite pair of Bald Eagles and when I'm at camp I watch my favorite pair of Osprey. This year I've had the pleasure of watching the Osprey pair as they laid eggs and had babies. It's been an incredible experience watching the behaviors of the Osprey and watching the babies grow up. Today I was blessed to experience seeing the baby Osprey's fledge from the nest.

As I was walking towards the nest to set up, I saw dad deliver a fish to them and leave. I was too far away to take pics, but watched from a distance. When I arrived to my spot and set up I watched as the one baby took the fish and was eating it. The other baby yelled and yelled and yelled for dad to bring another one. Unfortunately, he didn't. The baby without the fish move around the nest a bit and then started flapping his wings. Before I new it, the baby lifted off and left the nest while the other one continued to eat the fish. When baby #2 finished eating, she pooped and then she started flapping and left. 

I'm not sure if this was their first time out or not. When I was there on Friday, they both remained in the nest and I wasn't there on Saturday. It was really amazing to see them fly. My picture for today is of the first one I saw fledge from the nest. It was so amazing!!!!


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