June 29, 2014 - Day 55

June 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Day two of vacation was awesome. It was a beautiful/sunny day and I spent the whole day outside. It was a little hot and humid for my liking, but I tried my best to ignore that part. I began my day with an almost 14 mile bike ride. I went from the campsite to the ferry and back because one of the other campers did it yesterday and commented on it being a tough ride. Holy cow, that really was brutal. Some of those hills were torture to ride up, but I made it and I feel great after that accomplishment. 

After my ride I goofed off at the campsite, then took the boyz out for a walk and to socialize with some of our friends here at the campground. As always, they were really well behaved and socialized nicely. We sat at Sherry and Brad's site for about an hour and Bandit relaxed on my lap while Bailey laid on the ground watching everything around him. My boyz really impress me with how well behaved they can sometimes be!

Other than those couple of things, I haven't really done much today. I utilized today as a relaxing kind of day! Hung out with my boyz and watched my lil chipmunks. I'm so amazed by how entertaining the chipmunks can be. The part that entertains me most about them is how territorial they are. There is something really amusing about a really good chipmunk chase. Anyhow, here is a cute pic I got of one of my lil guys this evening!



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