October 15, 2013 - Day 61

October 15, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I figured since today is my birthday, I had to get out and get a pic for my blog. I decided the best place to go was my favorite little church just down the road from the campground. It was really pretty by the church as the trees around it were very colorful and so was the ground. In general, things are starting look really colorful in Ti. It's funny how some of the area's are really bare, but then other area's are really colorful. I'm hoping I may actually get a few good fall pics after all. 

The majority of my day was boring and rather lonely. I'm the only one left at the campground, so there was nobody to take a break and talk to all day. This evening was really nice as Jim and the kids had a birthday card and some cake for me. My birthday card had a lotto ticket that I won $25 on (yay) and the cake was awesome (chocolate on chocolate). I only wish I had more of an appetite lately because all I had was a small piece of it. Either way though it was really good.

Here is my favorite little church. Hope you enjoy! Have a great night!


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