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June 7, 2018

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Canada Goose Gosling

It was a long and busy day at work, so on my way home I decided to stop at the park with all the Canada Geese and Goslings to relax and unwind.

When I arrived at the park all the Geese and their Goslings were sitting out on land or just at the edge of the water near the shore. I sat in the car and watched for a few minutes, then they all came towards me and walked past my car, causing me to have to get out and walk to the other side of them so I could keep the sun behind me. I sat in the grass and watched them graze for a bit. One even found the remains of an apple and several geese and goslings fought over it until one of the adults finally won and ate what was left of it.

I watched for a bit, but wasn't too excited as I prefer when they are closer to the water, so I got up and headed towards my car to leave. To my amusement, the geese all stopped what they were doing and followed me back towards the water. I just simply couldn't believe it so when I got back over there, I sat on one of the concrete strips that signifies where cars are supposed to park. As I sat there, the geese walked around both sides of me back towards the water. They walked relatively close by me and weren't at all concerned that I was sitting there. Some of them plopped down on the ground to snooze and some hopped in the water and swam for a few minutes before getting back out to rest. I sat and watched them for maybe 45 minutes, enjoying all the youngsters and their super goofy poses.

The one thing that surprises me most at this park is that every evening I've stopped by, I've been the only person there. Not only am I enjoying the adult Canada Geese and their Goslings, but I'm also enjoying the peace and quiet that allows me to focus solely on them. It is truly an amazing spot to relax and unwind after dealing with the many stresses life throws at me.


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