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June 1, 2018

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The cuteness of a Gosling

This morning started out rainy and overcast and as the afternoon started to set in, the sun decided to come out. By the time I finished working for the day, the sun was shining strong and the sky was a beautiful color blue. It was clearly a perfect afternoon for grabbing the camera and going out to look for wildlife to shoot. I made three different stops and saw a nice variety of animals. Spring is always the best time to get out and find a nice variety.

My first stop was to check on the bald eagles I watch. Neither of the adults were around. One of the eaglets was in the nest and the other was perched just above the nest on a little stub that used to be a perch, up til a few days ago. The youngster who was perched on the stub did a little stretching, preening and wing flapping. The spot he was sitting in was tough to photograph because it was dark and there were so many leaves around him. One of the adults eventually did a fly but, but didn't stick around. I didn't stay for too long because it was really hot and my sprained ankle was hurting.

My second stop was to a pond near the bald eagles. There wasn't much going on in the pond, but there were a couple of groundhogs nearby. I quietly maneuvered my way in and enjoyed watching them. At first there were two, then a third came out of the woods. They hung out for a bit and I took a ton of photos of them before moving along.

From there, I was planning to go check on the swans I've been watching and made a slight detour into a park where I knew there was a small pond. Holy jackpot. There were two great blue herons, a ton of Canada Geese, and a ton of Goslings. The goslings were of various ages. Some were still small and yellow. Others were slightly bigger and darker. Then there was a family that goslings that were even older, they were starting to get the colorings of an adult Goose. I had a blast watching the adults hiss and chase each other and then watching how awkward all the kids were. They were eating, resting, bathing, running and flapping their stubby little wings. I look forward to stopping back in there and seeing all those kids in action.

It was nice to finally get out with my camera and so fun to see so many different animals. I wound up taking 675 photos this evening and thought it was going to be tough to decide which to use for the blog. After I took a quick peak through them, I couldn't resist using a gosling who realized he ventured too far from his family and quickly ran to catch up to them. It was so funny to watch!


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