Debs Creative Images | April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017

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Happy Monday Peeps! The most dreaded day of the week because it means the start of 5 whole days of working! Thankfully though, the days are getting longer and now I have more of an opportunity to get out with my camera on a work day than I did during the winter.

Yesterday, for the first time ever I had the most amazing opportunity to see an American Mink. It was an absolutely awesome opportunity. The mink is extremely fast, stays mostly in brush and zig zags as apposed to moving about in a straight line. In general, minks are nocturnal, but they do come out occasionally during the day. With all these obstacles, the mink is extremely difficult to photograph, so I'm thrilled that I got a couple of halfway decent shots yesterday. So thrilled that today I was extremely motivated to get back out and try again to hopefully see and photograph him/her.

The light was rather yucky today as it was mostly cloudy, but I tried my best. I got to see the mink on two different occasions and both times he/she moved so quickly. I only got shots of it going away in the water. All my land shots were on the return and it was under so much brush. I even got to watch it clean up both times after swimming. It's too bad though that it cleaned itself deep in the brush. Fun to watch, but so tough to photograph!


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