Woodpecker during a snow storm

March 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I woke this morning to an empty bed (no dogs) and to find the snow falling outside. It was really pretty as it was sticking to the trees and grass and not so much the roads. As for the lack of dogs in the bed, they weren't there because they stayed with my parents while I went up to the Adirondacks yesterday. My trip to the Adirondacks was to see and photograph a Great Gray Owl that is extremely rare to the area. Sadly though, it was a complete waste of a day as the owl did not cooperate and come out. It was very frustrating as I was up before 3am and on the road by 3:30am. A very long day as I didn't get home until roughly 8:30pm. I know it is rare to see an owl during the day, but reports have shown this owl out every evening hunting before dusk. Although I'm frustrated, I do plan to go and try again.

As for today, it was very quiet and lonely as I worked and missed having the dogs here. The snow falling was very pretty and fun to watch. As always, it drew in all kinds of birds to my feeders and at lunch time I took a 20 minute break to go out and photograph them. I saw bluejays, cardinals, starlings, grackles, downy woodpeckers, red-bellied woodpeckers, morning doves, finches, sparrows, and chickadees. The variety was amazing and at one point I must have had around 100 small birds in my pine tree and forsythia bushes. The birds were not cooperative for photo's, so I had to think really fast just to get a handful of shots. I wish I had more time to spend out there with them, but I'm thankful for the time that I had and the chance to see such beautiful little creatures in the snow.

This here is one of the red-bellied woodpeckers who stopped by to enjoy the tasty food I had put out for them.

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