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August 21, 2016

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Today was another wonderful day out with my camera. Since I had so much fun yesterday with the green heron and mute swans, I decided to go back to the same location. Wow, was that a fantastic idea.

When I first showed up, it was drizzling a little so I was hesitant to take my equipment out of the car. I simply walked around and counted the green heron while sipping on my iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. The swans were nowhere to be seen, but the green heron were relatively close and I could easily see three of them.

It wasn't long before the rain stopped and I grabbed a camera and went out to photograph them. One of the green heron caught a nice size fish and ate it. He was relatively distant and I haven't yet looked at those shots, so I don't really know what I got. Not long after, the swans flew in and slowly made their way closer. Meanwhile, one of my photog buddies also showed up. At first he seemed not so interested in photographing the green heron, but quickly came around and enjoyed the show they put on.

As the morning continued, the green heron population grew. At one point we had five of them and they were all relatively close. Some of them came in so close that they filled the frame (a nice treat for wildlife photographers). As we photographed the green heron, we could see the mute swans getting closer, although nobody paid much mind to them.

We wound up with a passing rain cloud that produced heavy winds and made us take a little break, luckily under a pavilion. As we waited, we watched the green heron take off and move further away. They never came back in close (at least not before we left), but the swans were relatively cooperative and also came in really close.

It's been a fantastic weekend and I'm sad that it is almost over and back to the grind tomorrow.


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