Debs Creative Images | February 6, 2016

February 6, 2016

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I had an absolutely fantastic day out today watching and photographing bald eagles.

At my first location I saw one bald eagle and one red tailed hawk. The bald eagle I saw was circling around close and low. In fact, I think it was sitting in a nearby tree and took flight because it spotted me. Wish I had seen him/her beforehand. The red tailed hawk I had seen in that location was also low, but far.

After, I went to a second location. Another one of my favorite locations in the area. I was there for almost 5 hrs and experienced some really fun action. Most of the time there it was slow going with a lot of walking around and waiting. Around 12:30 or so an eagle made an appearance, preened and poised for some pics, then flew off around 20 minutes later.

Sometime in the afternoon there were three red-tailed hawks circling in the sky. A little too far for pics, but still fun to watch.

Later in the afternoon (early evening) three eagles came flying in with a lot of yelling. Two were of the pair I watch and the third was an intruder who entered into their territory. The pair worked together, chasing the intruder out. After, the female eagle landed on a dead tree and poised for some pictures. She would have stayed longer but a couple came up with their dog off the leash and the man whistling for the dog to come back. The female eagle was not comfortable with this and flew off.

Here is one of the 50+ shots I got of her as she sat on the dead tree. It was truly a fantastic day out in the wild.


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