June 27, 2014 - Day 53

June 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Today was my last working day before vacation and it was insanely busy. I worked non-stop to try and meet a deadline requested by one of my development teams. I had hoped to finish this at a reasonable time today and start my vacation, but it was close to 6pm when I finally did so. Anyhow, I am now on vacation. It is time to relax, unwind and enjoy the fun things I really enjoy.

My chipmunks have been active all day. I think there were three of them buzzing around here all day. In fact, I took a video and at one point all three of them made an appearance. I took several pics of my chipmunk friends tonight and it was tough picking out my favorite. I will use one of the ones I really liked as my pic blog.

I hope you all enjoy. I'm now beginning my vacation with a beautiful camp fire and a cocktail. Have a great night!  :-)


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