June 18, 2014 - Day 51

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Today was a very interested day. I don't even know how to explain why in writing, but I shall try. 

I began my day by going to the office. It was nice being there after having a week off and working the early part of the week remotely. I caught up with a couple of co-workers/good friends and I got a lot of work accomplished (which is good since I feel like I'm drowning in work due to all the new stuff I've taken on over the past few months). At lunch I went to my favorite eagle viewing location. Then after work I went to the auto body shop where I've done a lot of business and then back to eagle viewing before returning home for the night.

Lunch time at my eagle viewing location was pretty awesome as I got to see one of the babies perched on a branch trying so hard to get down the concept of flying. By the looks of his/her behaviors, it will be any day now. Sadly, I forgot my eagle viewing lens at camp so I am improvising with a lens that isn't nearly as good with a teleconverter. I got some ok pics, but nothing like I would have gotten with that awesome lens that is currently 180 miles away.

Anyhow, while I was away at camp and went to take my kayak out for the first time, I realized there isn't a proper way to tie down the front of my kayak. Therefore today I called the auto body shop I've been to a gazillion times in the past (every time my Mini Cooper was hit) and I spoke to the owner (Joe) about what I could do and he suggested I come in so he could take a look at my car. I stopped by there at the end of my work day and I'm really glad I've developed such a good customer/supplier reputation with him because he suggested something for me to try that did not result in him adding anything to my car or me having to spend money. It is really good to know that I've found an auto body guy who knows that he has my business when I need it and is willing to help me save a few dollars when I don't need it. Honestly, there are so many business crooks in the world, that this situation made me really happy to know that there are business owners out there who are looking out for the customers best interests as apposed to "how much money they can get out of the customer". I've been to this shop many times over the years and I would never hesitate to say that Vince's Auto Body is a wonderful place to take your car.

After I went to the auto body shop, I went home for a bit to spend time with my boys before going back out to see the eagles. The boys were so happy to see me as this was the longest period of time I had left them in roughly 10-11 days.

When I got back to my favorite eagle viewing location, not much happened. However, many of my eagle viewing friends who I haven't seen in a while were there. So it did feel really good to catch up with them all. It's almost like we are a family of sorts.  :-)

Although I don't have the proper camera gear, I did get a couple of OK shots of one of the baby eagles. Here he/she is. Almost ready to fly off.




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