June 14, 2014 - Day 49

June 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It is hard to believe that my vacation week is coming to an end with tomorrow being my last day. The week sure did go by fast. Sadly the past three days consisted of non-stop rain. Today we finally had a good day and I made sure to take full advantage of it. I took the boyz for two really nice walks and I went for a paddle in the lake. Due to high winds causing the water to be choppy, I stayed mostly in the bay area. Luckily the bay area was large enough to keep me occupied and get a good paddle in.

This evening I've been relaxing at the camp site. I started an early fire and set up some props for photographing one of my chipmunks. I think I've had about 4-5 chipmunks visiting me. Some not nearly as shy as others. The lil guy who was here tonight was super shy and so I didn't get the shot I was aiming for. However, I did get a good pic of him. Here is one of my super shy chipmunks. Unlike the chipmunk I saw yesterday, I don't think this one will be hopping in my hand anytime soon. 


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