June 1, 2014 - Day 47

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Today I attended the "Birds of Prey" event at the Green Chimney's School in Brewster, NY. It was an incredibly spectacular event as I feel like I experienced some once in a lifetime moments. I hung out with some family and some friends. Talked, laughed and had a great time seeing the birds and the shows. Can you believe, I even touched a snake today. A really big Boa. Not only did I touch him, but I convinced my nephew, Branden to also touch him. We were both a little surprised that he had a slightly slimy feel to him. I guess I was expecting something a little different.

The highlights of the day where the two Bald Eagles who were there. Uncle Sam (a male in his mid 20's) spent the day in front of an American Flag and allowed us to take spectacular photo's of him. And Liberty (a female in her mid 20's) sat in the shade and allowed everyone to come sit next to her and have their photo taken with her. Amazingly, I got to participate in that. As I sat so close to her, I was so thrilled to be so close, yet so nervous because of how big and powerful she can be. Being with these birds and having these opportunities was like a dream come true and I am still a bit shocked that I was able to engage in such activities.

I'm no where near getting through my 523 photo's of today and it was so difficult to choose just one for my blog. Here is the one I chose. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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