Debs Creative Images | March 3, 2014 - Day 18

March 3, 2014 - Day 18

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I would like to begin my blog by giving birthday shout outs to my sister, Tina and my nephew, Branden! Happy Birthday to both of you. I love you both and hope you both had a really nice day! 

Today was a seriously bitter, cold day. I went outside during my lunch break to take pics of the birds. I had planned to go out for a half hour, but it was so cold that I don't think I lasted more than 15-20 minutes out there. Instead I came back in and got back to work. The cool part of my short period of time out there was that I saw so many types of birds. I really wanted a Blue Jay or Cardinal pic and I did get somewhat of a Blue Jay Pic. Some of the other birds where cooperating well, but those two types of birds were not cooperating at all. 

So here it is, an ok Blue Jay pic! Hopefully I'll get some better ones when it gets warmer out!



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