Mid Hudson Bridge, Jan 6Trevor Zoo, Feb 4AMNH, Feb 18Adam's Garden Show, Feb 26Branden's 4th Birthday, Mar 3Ashokan Reservoir, May 6Scrabble with Tim, Mar 10St Patty's Parade, Mar 17Wax Museum, Mar 17Easter, Apr 7Brooklyn, Apr 13Emily and Julia visit, Apr 15Tyler visit, Apr 21Birds, Apr 22Mid Hudson Bridge and Full Moon, May 5Karma Lounge, May 6Tulip Festival, May 12Desi and Branden visit, May 19-20Nuclear Lake, June 2Day with the Johnson's, June 9Fishing, June 10Tyler's 1st Birthday, June 16Rudd Pond, June 17Poet's Walk, July 2Crazy Feet Trio, July 5Balloon Festival, July 10Charles Birthday, July 15Bannerman's, July 21Emily's 2nd Birthday, July 28Weekend at Tammy's, Aug 10-12Camping, Aug 19-23Renaissance Faire, Aug 25Kayak to Bannerman's, Aug 31GardeningTravel Trailer, Sep 2Camping, Sep 7-9Awosting Falls, Oct 5Albany, Oct 6Fall Day Out, Oct 7Fall Fun, Oct 8Ashokan Reservoir, Oct 13Fall Day Out, Oct 17Fall Day Out, Oct 20Vanderbuilt, Oct 26Mills Mansion, Nov 10Julia's 3rd Birthday, Nov 17Christmas Portraits, Nov 17Thanksgiving, Nov 22Christmas Fun, Dec 1Family Get Together, Dec 8Polar Express, Dec 22Christmas Eve, Dec 24Bronx Zoo, Dec 26Four Pawed ChildrenParents Pics