June 2, 2018

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Double-crested Cormorant in Action! I woke early this morning and was surprised to see the sun shining as I was expecting it to be rainy and overcast. I wanted to get up and get an early start, but my foot and ankle hurt so much from the little bit of walking I did after work yesterday and so I wound up sleeping in. Eventually, I got up and heade...
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June 1, 2018

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The cuteness of a Gosling This morning started out rainy and overcast and as the afternoon started to set in, the sun decided to come out. By the time I finished working for the day, the sun was shining strong and the sky was a beautiful color blue. It was clearly a perfect afternoon for grabbing the camera and going out to look for wildlife to sh...
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May 28, 2018

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They have hatchlings What a weekend.... Wow, I can't express that enough.... I got away and headed up to camp after having a super stressful week at work with hopes of having lots of fun and getting out with my camera. Instead, I began it by spraining my ankle on Friday night. I woke up Saturday morning and WOW.... the pain was so intense, I could...
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May 20, 2018

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Mama Swan and Cygnets For the past few weeks I've been driving past this pond with a pair of swans and seeing one of them sitting on eggs. Every time I've driven by, I've prayed that they would have cygnets for me to photograph. Today, I had time to go check the pond and sure enough, the pair of swans were swimming around with the cygnets. Most of...
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May 14, 2018

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My new friend, Woody It's that awesome time of year and I am now back at camp in the Adirondacks. I opened up my camper on Friday and spent 2 1/2 days getting things cleaned up and set up for the season. I have a few minor things to finish off, but there is no rush on that. Now that things are set up and ready to go, I was able to take my camera...
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