May 21, 2017

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Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your day has been as good as mine! I made a few stops today and got to see lots of birds. My first stop was in Staatsburgh where I went for a walk through the Hopeland trail looking for birds to photograph. I heard a bunch of birds and saw a lot of stuff, but I only took a few shots of warblers. After I completed my w...
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May 20, 2017

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Weekends are always the best because I can get out with my camera and photograph wildlife. This morning was drizzly and overcast, but I still met up with Bob and Justin and we went to Downing Park to photograph the mallard and wood ducklings. When we arrived, we ran into Dan and a bunch of other photographers. Not long after, Dwight joined us. The...
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May 18, 2017

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Work was hectic today with a bunch of meetings and trying to tie up loose end for my big deadline that is quickly approaching. I took a walk during my lunch break to clear my head so I would stay focussed throughout the afternoon and it was incredibly hot. It must have already been close to 90 degrees out. After work, I stopped home to take care o...
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May 16, 2017

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This past Friday, I drove up to the Adirondacks with my dogs and opened camp for the season. There was a ton of work to be done and I worked the entire day Friday and part of the day on Saturday. The mice got into my camper and left me some horrible surprises, but I got things cleaned up and got past it. I had a four day weekend planned and hoped...
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May 10, 2017

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Happy Hump Day! The work week is almost over for me as I'm taking a long weekend to go open camp! Today was another wonderful day of enjoying wildlife. I had the opportunity to go out for a short bit during my lunch break and had some really good luck. As I arrived at my intended location and headed to park my car, I instantly spotted a great horn...
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