July 1, 2018

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My first Loon photo

I knew today was going to be a super hot day, so I headed out early to kayak. My goal was to find a mama loon with babies, but sadly that did not happen. I spent 90 minutes looking for loons on a pond where I was given a tip to find them and only saw a water snake, a bunch of Canada Geese and a distant Great Blue Heron.

I paddled almost the whole pond and for the most part I was the only one out there. A couple of the remote campsites were occupied, but the campers were out, probably hiking the trails. I even stumbled upon a couple who was clearly skinny dipping and not so happy with me being in their secluded area. After I paddled past them, I could hear them quickly getting out of the water to go get dressed. As tempting as it was to look back and laugh, I managed to move forward and not look back to give them their privacy. But deep down I sure was amused, lol. 

I was about to give up looking for loons and bam, suddenly out of nowhere I found a pair of loons. They didn't have babies and they clearly weren't nesting. And to top it off, they were not at all cooperative for photos. I had to anticipate their movements and get into location to sit as quietly as possible and hope for them to pop up close enough for me to photograph them. I wound up with one very brief moment where one popped up close enough for a few shots, but that didn't last long as he/she caught on to me quickly and moved along.

By the time I returned from kayaking it was so disgustingly hot that I simply went into my camper and enjoyed the AC with my boyz for a bit. I had a light lunch and was itching to get back out and enjoy the sunshine, so I went to the beach to swim. I spent a good two hours there, mostly in the water trying to stay cool. But since nobody else went with me, I got a little bored and headed back to camp. I was originally planning to hang out with some friends this evening, but the hot weather was making me cranky and nautious, so I stopped in briefly to say hi to them and went back to enjoy some AC. 

I went out briefly in the evening to have dinner with family, but even that was short and I was in early. As much as I love hanging out and socializing, I have a tough time dealing with the heat and so I was in very early tonight.

Despite the heat, it was a really cool day. Although I didn't spend much time with everyone I wanted to see today, I did at least get a little time with them all. And to top it off, I finally got my very first shots ever of a Loon. Such beautiful and interesting little creatures. Hopefully I get more opportunities with these guys!


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