June 3, 2018

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Great Blue Heron looking for a meal

Today was completely uneventful. I had tossed up the idea of going to the Birds of Prey Event at Green Chimney's or hit up a local hotspot first thing in the morning. As much as I wanted to go to the Birds of Prey Event, I decided against it because I knew my ankle wasn't going to be able to handle all the standing around and walking. Due to overcast skies I decided to opt out of checking in on my local hot spot and took care of chores at home, ran some errands and brought the boyz to PetCo for their pedicures.

Because wildlife photography is such an addiction, I did manage to check in on a local pond on my way to go grocery shopping. All the geese were at the other side with their goslings, so I took a small walk around the grounds to check it out further. It appears there are some walking trails that I'll have to check out after my ankle heals and I can walk for more than 5 minutes at a time. On my way back to check on the geese before leaving a great blue heron flew in. He landed in the grass and walked over to the water. He was eyeing the water for a meal and even dove down once to try and grab something. He came up with nothing, sat for a minute, then flew to the other side where all the geese were. If the sun were shining, I would have stayed longer to see if anything would happen, but since it was overcast I figured I would go get my groceries and get home at a decent hour.

Check out the beautiful Great Blue Heron who entertained me for a whole two minutes and gave me the opportunity to do a very short blog post.



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