May 21, 2017

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Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your day has been as good as mine! I made a few stops today and got to see lots of birds. 

My first stop was in Staatsburgh where I went for a walk through the Hopeland trail looking for birds to photograph. I heard a bunch of birds and saw a lot of stuff, but I only took a few shots of warblers. After I completed my walk through the trails, I went over to Norrie Point to goof off. I walked around the educational building and I only saw loud/obnoxious children and then fisherman on the pier. After not seeing any wildlife there, I headed over to the marina. I walked up the hill to the picnic area and didn't see anything, so I headed back down to the docks where I got to see a bald eagle come around the corner and fly past the marina. It happened so fast and was a bit too distant for pics, but still a vision to watch. I didn't stay long before heading out.

As I was leaving Norrie I thought it was a perfect time for some lunch, so I picked up a subway sandwich and headed to the Cary Institute of Ecological Studies. I ate lunch while walking and exploring. I saw lots of songbirds, turtles and frogs. Just as I was considering leaving to go home, I stumbled upon a Barred Owl. I looked up as I was walking and it was literally over my head. I had to back up to get a shot of it (a portrait). And I had to back up even further to get the whole owl in the frame. I stayed and watched it in the tree for roughly 45 minutes, hoping it would hunt and catch something, but it didn't. It just sat and snoozed. Then it moved to another tree where it was sitting more in the sun. I continued to hope it would hunt, but it never did. It sat, looked around, snoozed and preened. It didn't care that I was there watching and it didn't care when this teenage couple walked right passed it. I thought for sure it would fly, but it didn't. I watched for another 45 minutes, then snuck up closer for some portrait shots and the owl was too busy snoozing and wouldn't even bother to look at me. Eventually I thanked it for letting me get some great shots and I left it sitting there snoozing. It isn't often when I get such a fantastic opportunity, so I feel rather blessed for this one today!

Here is the beautiful Barred Owl who snoozed and preened without caring about me watching and photographing him! Definitely one of life precious moments!


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