April 8, 2017

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It was a sunny day, but a bit cool with temps in the 40's and a constant breeze. I began my day by meeting my buddy, Justin, at 8:30 am and we ran all over Dutchess County looking for wildlife. It was a relatively quiet day, but we did see a few things: bald eagles, red tailed hawks, american kestrels, great horned owl, screech owl, ducks and a few different songbirds. Some of the animals were near and others were far, some cooperated for photo's and others did not!

Around 3 pm we decided to go our separate ways and I decided to go home and spend a little time with my boyz. As always, they were happy to see me and hang out. They enjoyed some belly rubs and head scratches and we went for a little walk before I decided to head back out in the search of wildlife.

I wound up finishing my day at James Baird State Park. It was relatively quiet there too, but I did find a few animals to photograph. I first found a groundhog just outside of his hole. I tried getting closer for shots, but he quickly hopped in his hole to hide. He periodically poked his head out and I got some great close up shots of him sticking his head out. After, I walk the property near the ponds and saw some ducks and geese. Then on my return, stumbled across some robins and northern flickers on the ground eating. As I was photographing them, a red tailed hawk came flying by, doing circles, right over my head. 

While I was at James Baird, I kept seeing signs for a new restaurant on the property "Eighteen by Coppolla's". I know my dad is a huge fan of the Coppolla's Restaurants and was upset when the one on IBM Road closed, so I went up to the restaurant to get a menu as a reminder to call my dad when I got home. On my way out of there I stumbled across a groundhog on the side of the road. I pulled my car over into the mud and got out with my camera. I quickly realized he was eating the remains of a banana! It was really cute and I couldn't resist watching and capturing. I only wish I were a little closer, but I took what I could get. When he finished and moved along, I took that as my cue to leave and when I got in my car to go, I realized I was once again stuck in mud. I got a good laugh at the mud flying up as my wheels spun. This was my third time getting stuck in mud over the past few months and I seem to be a pro at getting out of it!

When I got home, I looked at my pics of the two groundhogs I photographed and had a tough time choosing which one I wanted to use for my blog, so I asked my buddy, Justin, for his opinion. He said I definitely had to go with the one eating the banana, so here it is! I hope you all get as much of a kick out of it as I did!



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