April 16, 2017

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Happy Easter to all my family, friends and blog followers! I hope you all had a wonderful day! My day was fantastic as I get to spend it outdoors, enjoying the beautiful weather and photographing wildlife.

I got up early and was out the door by 8:15am. My first stop was CIES in hopes of seeing the barred owl again, but I had no luck. In fact, I spent almost 2 hrs there roaming the grounds and didn't have much luck during my entire time there. At the very least, I did enjoy walking the trails and taking in the beauty around me as well as the amazing weather.

After my lack of luck at Cary, I went for a countryside drive where I had an opportunity to photograph a Screech Owl in a tree. I watched the owl for roughly 4-5 minutes as it sat there snoozing and enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. It looked so content up there in the tree cavity and all I kept hoping for was him to open his eyes. Finally, he did. But, I think he only opened his eyes because somebody in a nearby house was taking out their garbage and closed the lid rather loudly after dumping the bag in.

After enjoying my countryside drive, I decided to pop in at home and check on the dogs. We sat on the porch and enjoyed the breeze while I ate lunch. After lunch, I took them for a nice walk around the neighborhood. I think it was a bit warm for them because they panted through most of the walk! When we returned from our nice walk, I got them in and turned on the AC so they could relax in a comfortable home while I went back out.

Because I've been having so much fun at Vassar Farms lately, I decided to go back. It was a quiet afternoon there and I enjoyed hanging out by the ponds and the creek. I spent my time watching the geese, a couple of muskrats, lots of turtles and a snapping turtle that was swimming laps in the pond where all the muskrats are. I didn't get too many photo opportunities today, but at the very least I really enjoyed being off of work and out enjoying the gorgeous weather. During my travels I ran into a couple of friends and I met/chatted with people I've never before met. It was a great day!


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