April 14, 2017

April 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Yipppeeeee, I had the afternoon off and it was beautiful and sunny. I couldn't resist grabbing my camera and heading out the door to look for wildlife to photograph. I made several stops today and got to photography many different animals.

My first stop was along the Hudson River where I had an opportunity to photograph bald eagles. I didn't get much of a show, but I did get a quick opportunity for a few shots. From there I moved on and went for a walk so I could get some steps in. During my walk I saw lots of robins and I had an opportunity with a mockingbird who had caught a caterpillar. I've never seen a bird catch a caterpillar before, so I was rather fascinated by that.

After my walk, I hit up a local pond that has geese who I like to photograph. It looks like two of them are sitting on eggs, so hopefully it won't be long before I can get some gosling shots. Some of the other geese in the area were extremely cooperative for photo's and even got too close to me for my liking. In fact, I even got an opportunity to get some open mouth shots from the white one. My shots are cropped a bit, but I couldn't resist because their mouths and tongues are so unique looking.

After I finished playing with the geese at the pond, I moved along to another location that requires lots of walking. As soon as I arrived, I hopped onto the trail and headed towards the ponds. I saw a muskrat in the first pond, then nothing in the second pond so I continued on towards the creek. While walking along the creek I spotted another muskrat and some geese. One goose was honking away, I'm not even sure what he was honking on. I didn't stay long before turning around and when I got back to the ponds I saw two muskrats swimming around. They even got into a little fight or something, it was kinda cute. I walked around the pond and sat quietly for a bit watching to see if they would put on a show. All was quiet for a while then all of a sudden I heard some rustling to my right. I quickly realized there were baby muskrat. I sat very quietly and eventually the babies started to come out and swim around. They were so stinking cute! I just might have to go back tomorrow and wait quietly in hopes of seeing them again.

I got so many great shots today, but couldn't resist sharing the inside of a gooses mouth since I'm rather intrigued by how interesting it looks!


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