April 11, 2017

April 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I'm absolutely loving these longer days and the nice weather that comes along with it. Although, I have to admit that I am not ready for temps as high as they were today (low 80's). I do prefer a nice transition in the seasons and since spring is my favorite time of year, I do appreciate springlike weather.

With the nice weather, I was able to sneak out for just a little bit today with my camera. As usual, my time out was fantastic as I saw a nice variety of animals. Animals ranging from bald eagles, great horned owls, lots of robins, other songbirds, some turkey's and geese. Although I wasn't out long, I somehow managed to take roughly 100 photo's.

I'm still going through my shots, but my favorite for today was of a bald eagle who had flown past me extremely close! Not once, but twice! I watched as this eagle landed on the ground, moved to a tree, back to the ground and then to another tree before it took off out of sight. In one of the trees it had landed, it was framed really nicely around some tree branches which I think gives the image a really cool look. I'm not using that shot as my blog post because there is a flight shot I like better, but if you are interested in seeing it, feel free to check out my FB page: Debs Creative Images FB Album on 4/11/7

Here's my favorite shot of the day. I just love the colors, the angle and how incredibly close this beautiful raptor was to me.


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