February 18, 2017

February 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last night I picked up my niece, Emily, who has been staying with me for the weekend. We've been having such a fantastic time.

We started our morning with a nice breakfast, then we headed out to the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum. While at the museum, Emily played with many of the different activities and had a grand time. She made hand prints in the needles, built a block tower, built a dinosaur, dressed up as a fire lady, drew a picture and did so much more. After almost three hours at the museum, we went home to have lunch and get the dogs out.

After we finished up at lunch we headed out to a playground so Emily could have some more fun. She enjoyed the slide, the swings, the monkey bars, the snow and so much more. She even made a friend who she hung out with and played in the snow with. 

During our travels out today, we were also blessed to see several bald eagles. An immature bald eagle flew right over our heads and landed in a tree close-by, giving us a nice opportunity to watch it and get some photo's. It sat there for almost 10 minutes before it decided to fly off. It was a beautiful sight and my niece was thrilled to see a bald eagle so close.


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