February 12, 2017

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Today was a family day and we went to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park. The park had a combination of animals they take care of because they can't be released into the wild and wildlife that comes and goes on their own free will. We saw all kinds of animals, most of which I believe were residents of the park.

There are two different places to park at to get it. One place is right there at the main entrance of the park and the other location is a little further away and requires you to either walk a short walk, take the tram or take the boat ride. We decided to take the very nice boat road over. We saw gators that were both wild and residents, birds of prey, manatees, a hippo, green heron, great blue heron, white ibis, pelicans, a bobcat, a panther, red foxes, and many more animals. The park wasn't all that big, but it was really nice. 

I took far too many pics while we were there and had a hard time choosing a photo to post, so I decided to use a shot of an Otter since the family was mostly amused by them. There were three otters and they swam, played and even ran on land. The kids had a blast watching them disappear under water and then finding them wherever they decided to pop up next.




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