February 10, 2017

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My day started at 5:30am when the alarm went off and I nearly jumped out of my skin as I was out like a light. I hit the snooze button only once and quickly got ready so I could head down to Fort De Soto County Park before the traffic got too bad. The route down was interesting and it was filled with early morning commuters. Thankfully I got out early enough that it wasn't too bad.

When I arrived at Fort De Soto the wind was very strong and it was a little cool out. I was dressed far warmer than I have been since I arrived. I first did a drive through the park and scoped out a few spots that I thought looked interesting and eventually parked and began to explore the most northern end of the North Beach. There weren't too many birds in the protective cove like area, but what was there was extremely fun to watch. They moved about in the water, they flew and they caught fish. I'm not sure how long I spent there, but it had to of been at least two hours.

After I finished at the northern end of North Beach, I went to an area along the Gulf of Mexico where I saw a large number of osprey. The osprey seemed like they were all over the place and chasing each other out of their territories. In addition to osprey I saw a ton of gulls and a bunch of pelicans. The pelicans were flying in and dive bombing down to the water, but it was really tough to get photo's as I was shooting into the sun. The gulls were amazing as they didn't care when humans walked by them, so unlike gulls in the area I live in New York.

By 1:00 I had taken a TON of photo's, so I thought I would beat the traffic and head back to my sisters a little early. That was such a fantastic idea as the traffic back was much lighter than in the morning and it gave me time to hang out with my niece and nephew. They decided to go swimming and I snapped photo's of them jumping into the water. It was really fun and I got some great shots of them airborne. We all had so much fun looking at them after I uploaded them to the water. At some point I will go through them and post them for everyone to enjoy. For now though, I can't resist sharing a shot of a Pelican since that was the animal I was hoping to see at Fort De Soto.



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