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Last summer as I stood at the boat launch in Ticonderoga, I watched as Osprey came and went from land to the lake and back to land. I assumed there was a nest in a particular area and I intended to check it out this summer. I finally went and did so today and to my surprise it was very easy to find and in a fantastic location. One minor problem though, camera's with telephoto lenses and monopods/tripods are not permitted. One of the friendly staff on the grounds approached me and went over the rules with me and I was sad, but very respectful as the person giving me the message was only doing her job. I was respectful of the rules, I thanked her and explained to her that I'm a wildlife photographer and that I would leave. She then proceeded to tell me that she would make a call and see if she could get permission for me to stay in the gardens and photograph the wildlife. Minutes later she returned with a phone number and the name of a person I could call and speak to. I made the called and understood and respected the contract I needed to sign to be able to hang out for the day with my camera. As I sit here this evening, I'm still so grateful that I was given the opportunity.

Once the morning negotiations were established, I got to enjoy nature and my surroundings. I hung out near the lake and in some absolutely beautiful gardens and had the opportunity to photograph osprey, a hummingbird, a couple of butterflies, a goldfinch and some beautiful flowers. The osprey didn't move much, but the kids sure did do a lot of yelling for food. One kid flew once when I first arrived, but then sat in the nest the entire time guarding the fish he had in there. The other kid moved around from tree to tree and tried to go to the nest once, but was chased out by the kid in there with his meal. Eventually in the mid afternoon, the female went to the nest with a fish for the other kid and he followed mom into the nest. Mom turned the fish over to him and he flew to a nearby pine tree to eat it while mom flew to another nearby tree to watch.

In addition to watching the osprey and enjoying the garden, it was also nice to talk to the tourists who all came through and had questions about "the birds" in the nest and the trees. Some of the people knew they were osprey and others weren't sure what they were. It was nice to chat with people and share my knowledge.

The osprey were fun to watch and they landed in a few different trees. That was really nice to see, in fact, it was really nice to get a different scenery with the osprey from the scenery I've had from the past four years with the other osprey nest I watch. It was definitely a fantastic day and it was only 10 minutes from the campground as apposed to the 30 minutes I travel to the other nest. I'm really hoping I'll be able to work out a seasonal contract for next year so I can keep a closer eye on this nest.


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August 6, 2017 Osprey Dad - The Ultimate Fishing Bird

Today was another full day spent in Crown Point with my favorite Osprey family. The temps were really nice with a fantastic breeze coming off Lake Champlain and the light was iffy throughout the day as the sun kept going in and out of the clouds. Changing light is a tough challenge while out photographing because it means having to continuously change camera settings. I would much rather have a steady good or steady average light.

When my friend and I first arrived at Crown Point, the kid was in the nest and mom was perched nearby. The kid was yelling and yelling and yelling for food, so we hoped it wouldn't be long before dad would deliver something and sure enough he did. Dad didn't stay for long as he dropped the fish and left. Mom sat in the same spot for almost the whole day and the kid ate his meal and continued to yell after. He took flight out of the nest at one point and landed in a tree on the jetty, overlooking Lake Champlain. He stayed for a while and eventually left when a big group of people (including children) approached the area to hang out and fish.

After that nice opportunity of watching the kid in a tree, he sat in the nest for a long time. Dad eventually returned with a fish and brought 4 or 5 more into the nest in a short period of time. It seemed rather odd that dad was stock piling fish in the nest at this point as this is the time when the parents are usually luring the kid away from the nest. Mom continued to sit in that same tree while he was in and out with the fish. Eventually he came with one and left with it so he could enjoy it for himself. He took it to his favorite tree and mom yelled and yelled. I'm assuming she may have wanted him to deliver one to her. Eventually, she took flight and got close to the nest and he left his tree and went back to the nest with his meal, almost as if he was guarding the kid and all the fish in the nest from her. It was extremely odd behavior. She landed on a nearby post and stayed there for the remainder of our time on site and he went back to his tree with his fish. Meanwhile, the kid eventually left and landed on another post. We waited for roughly 45 minutes to see if something else would happen and nothing did. At this point, the light wasn't so great and my friend needed to get back to camp so he could pack up his car and head home.

Once again it was a great day osprey watching and it was so cool to see how many fish dad could catch in such a short period of time. Most of them were on the smaller side, but the shot I decided to choose for my blog was his biggest catch of the day. It's always so cool to watch these guys!

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August 5, 2017 Osprey kid out and about

I was first awakened at 5:55 this morning by some seriously heavy rain that startled me out of my deep sleep as it began to hit the camper very hard. Once it registered that the loud noise I was hearing was simply the rain, I rolled over and went back to sleep. The boyz and I wound up rolling out of bed after 8 and it felt so good to sleep in. Although the morning began very rainy, it eventually passed and turned into a gorgeous day.

I was in no rush to get out this morning because I was waiting for a friend to join me at camp and because I was busy setting up my new Mac as I waited for his arrival. He arrived around 11:30 or so and we immediately headed out to go see my favorite Osprey family. When we first arrived on location, all the osprey were out and about, so I went to check on the sheep. The sheep were so funny as when I was approaching their pen they were nervous and ran away. I stopped and watched them and they must have felt comfortable because they all started to head towards me (near the electric fence). I was so tempted to try and reach over and pet one, but I refrained since I didn't want them or me getting electrocuted.

I didn't stay with the sheep too long before heading back up to my friend and the osprey. As I was heading back up, the kid and one of the adults flew into the nest. The adult didn't stay long, but the kid hung out for a while. Eventually the kid flew and headed towards the water. He wound up landing in a really nice spot on a dead branch that was low to the ground and overlooking Lake Champlain. My friend and I got some great shots and even watched as a robin harassed him and chased him away. 

The kid was in and out of the nest only a few times today, but when he went out he landed in some great spots. Later in the afternoon he landed in a tree overlooking the lake. It was really breezy and he landed on a very thin branch, so it was fun watching him try to balance and hang on. I got some great shots of him flapping his wings to try and maintain balance.

Not much else happened. Mom flew into the nest a couple times with the kid and dad brought him two small fish. The light was nice most of the afternoon as clouds came and went.

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July 30, 2017 Osprey kid on the rocks

Once again, the boyz and I woke up to a cold camper in the upper 50's. We got up late, but got moving a little quicker than yesterday. After I took care of their need this morning, I headed back out to my favorite osprey nest.

As I was walking up to the nest, I could see the kid was out flying around. He was out for a bit and was venturing a little further than yesterday. In fact, he looked like he was trying to land in the trees, but didn't know how to do so and eventually went back to the nest. As I got closer, I could see that mom was sitting in the same tree she was in yesterday.

The kid was in and out of the nest all day long and provided some awesome opportunities for photos. A couple of times he landed at the tippy top of trees and had a hard time balancing and wound up leaving and heading back to the nest. Apparently he hasn't yet realized that you have to land on a branch and not the top of the tree like a tree topper. On one of his times out, he landed on some rocks on top of hill, overlooking the lake. That was a fantastic spot as I was able to get up on the hill and sit on the ground and get pics of him at eye level. Mom and dad were so unhappy that he had landed on the ground and were yelling and yelling and yelling at him. He ignored them and they both flew into the nest and continued to yell at him to get off the ground and back to the nest. The parents yelled for at least 5 minutes before he obeyed and went back. 

The light was fantastic and the sky was a beautiful blue all day. It was nice to have cooperation from both him and mom. Mom did a few fly arounds, landed in the nest twice and chased two or three other ospreys out of the area throughout the day. She even chased after a great blue heron who did a fly by, right over the nest.

It was a fantastic day and I thought I would share a pic of the kid on the rocks! I'm still so thrilled with that opportunity! In fact, I was so close that this shot is not at all cropped. 

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July 29, 2017 Osprey kid fledged

The boyz and I woke a little late this morning and we weren't too anxious to get out of our comfy bed as it was only 59 degrees in the camper. We eventually rolled out from under the warm blankets and shivered for a few seconds as we adjusted to the cool morning.

After getting the boyz out for their morning walk, I eventually loaded up the car and headed to Crown Point to check on my favorite Osprey nest. As I parked the car and started to head towards the nest, I watched as dad flew a fish into the nest for the kid and quickly left. Upon closer arrival, I spotted mom in one of her favorite trees, yet on a branch I've never seen her on. A really great spot! I sat with the kid for only a minute before I headed over to get a few shots of mom sitting in the tree. I approached very slowly and went up the hill to get more at eye level with her. She was extremely cooperative and I sat and watched her for at least 20 minutes before heading back to the nest. While I watched her, she periodically called out. I wasn't sure if she was calling for dad or trying to lure out the kid. I later realized she was trying to get that kid out of the nest.

After enjoying some time watching mom perched in the tree, I decided to head back over to the nest to watch the youngster. As I was heading back, mom decided she was also going to head to the nest and I found her sitting in there with the kid when I got to my viewing spot. She sat there for maybe a half hour or so before going back to the tree she was in earlier. Once again, she sat and tried calling the kid out, but he didn't budge. Eventually I went over and got a few shots of her as she was in another really nice spot. She sat for a bit and then flew south along Lake Champlain.

I then decided to head back to the nest and watch the youngster in case he decided to stretch or do some wing flapping, but that never happened. Instead he walked towards the edge of the nest and made me so nervous. I watched and prayed that he would be safe and wouldn't fall out of the nest. Then, to my surprise, he took off and flew a few awkward circles before he decided to land back in the nest. It was such a beautiful moment to see this guy out of the nest for the first time. After he landed back in the nest, I noticed that his body language had changed and he appeared to have a little more confidence in himself. Both mom and dad made an appearance after he fledged and mom landed back in the nest for a bit. Eventually she left and he once again took another flight. He then continued to fly in and out of the nest during my last couple of hours there

The first outing for this guy was a bit long as I'm sure it took a bit of effort to get back to the nest. Then the next few times out, his flight was short and there was a long break in between for some rest. By his sixth flight out, he was out longer and went a little further from the nest. On many of his flights, he flew towards me and right over my head. So close that I couldn't get focus because he was too close. 

It was a fantastic day watching this youngster learn to fly and land and I can't wait to go back tomorrow to watch some more. I feel so blessed that I get to observe and capture these special moments. It really is an amazing thing to see! Here is a shot of one of him landing back in the nest, perhaps the 5th or 6th try which was far more graceful than his first landing or two!



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July 22, 2017 Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park

My day started early as my buddy, Bob, picked up up at 7:30 am to head to Lime Rock Park to watch the Northeast Grand Prix. We arrived at the race track around 8:30 and had a busy day. We walked around the track throughout the day to observe and photograph the races from various viewing spots along the track. We got to watch the Qualifying Prototype Challenge presented by Mazda and three races. The Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge Grand Sport and Street Tuner was a 2 hour race, the Continental Road Race Challenge for the Prototype Challenge presented by Mazda was a 45 minute race and the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship Northeast Grand Prix was a 2 hours, 40 minutes race. 

It was really awesome being at the track and watching all the beautiful cars out there. We got to enjoy four different classes of cars on the track and close-up in the paddock: The GT Le Mans (pro), the GT Daytona (pro-am), the Grand Sport and the Street Tuner. The cars were driven either by professional drivers (pro) or a pair of drivers consisting of one professional and one amateur driver (pro-am).

There were many cool and expensive cars out on the track and they were fun to watch. It was hard to pick a favorite car today because the cars consisted of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette, BMW, Acura, Audi, Mercedes, Mini, Aston Martin, McLaren, Ford and Mazda. The cars all had beautiful decals and looked really awesome.

I considered using one of the Mini's as my blog post since I own a Mini, but in the end, I couldn't resist a beautiful Mercedes that had caught my eye. The Mercedes AMG GT3 driven by SunEnergy1 Racing with Kenny Habul and Tristan Vautier as the drivers. The colors and the design of the car made it a real eye catcher. I enjoyed the contrasts of the purple, orange and yellow and the energy that the colors gave me. It wasn't the fastest car on the track, but in my eyes, it was the most beautiful one to watch. I could have taken photo's of this car all day long!

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July 16, 2017 Today was a gorgeous day in Ticonderoga, NY. Sunny with a high of 82!

My buddy, Justin, and I went kayaking on LaChute River and into Lake Champlain. We paddled 6.5 miles and saw a ton of wildlife, some far and some close. The wildlife we saw included: turtles, bald eagles, osprey, gulls, terns, red winged blackbirds, grackles, kingbirds, kingfishers and probably some other stuff. 

The bald eagles seem to have only one fledgling this year, which is a slight disappointment because over the past three years they've had three fledgelings each year. The parents and the eaglet hung out in an area that was a bit distant from the nest and not where I've ever seen them hang out in the past. The eaglet yelled and yelled and yelled all day for food. The adults seemed to ignore him/her.

The smaller birds were seen throughout the day, mostly on LaChute River and the terns hung out in a part of Lake Champlain that was a bit choppy. Justin and I did our best out there to get shots of the terns, but the speed boats kept throwing off a lot of wake which bobbed us around and quickly moved us out of our position. We tried our best and took a bunch of photos. Three of the terns were adult Caspian Terns and one was a juvenile Caspian Tern. Because the juvenile tern was so pretty, I decided it would make a fantastic blog pic! I hope you all enjoy!

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July 15, 2017 I feel bad as I haven't posted in while, but life has been busy!

My buddy Justin is with me up at my camper for the weekend and we went out today to enjoy wildlife. Our main mission was to head north and watch my favorite pair of osprey! We arrived at our location at roughly 8:30 this morning, parked the car and started walking towards the nest when we both saw something white flying low to the ground. We quickly went over to observe what we got a quick glance of and soon realized it was a baby albino robin. The robin must have recently fledged as it wasn't yet good at flying. It was extremely beautiful with its white feathers and red eyes. I've never seen anything like that. In fact, it seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity as only 1 in every 30,000 robins are albino. 

We spent roughly 30-40 minutes watching the albino robin and we even got to see the mama robin come in and feed it worms. Eventually the mama robin lured the baby albino away and so we moved on to spend time with the Osprey. As we continued to walk to the osprey nest, the male flew out and left the mama in there with the chick. The mama sat with the kid the entire day while the papa was out. In fact, we observed that he had fishing line hanging from his legs and a hook on the end of it. We both worried about him throughout the day and we were thrilled when we saw him in the evening and the fishing line was gone.

We didn't observe much activity with the osprey, but it was still fun to sit and watch. The mom fed the chick a couple of times throughout the morning, but then they had no food all afternoon. The male came through with a fish in the mid afternoon, but he didn't go to the nest with it because he was being harassed by an eastern kingbird. Instead he went to a dead tree and ate it. The female was very mad at him and when he showed up to the nest much later she yelled and yelled and yelled at him. He left and we thought for sure he was going to get some food for mom and the chick, but we waited for over an hour and he never returned with anything. By 5pm we got tired of waiting and left.

The day was mostly quiet with little activity, but the excitement of the albino robin made it a completely awesome night!

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July 3, 2017 I've spent most of the weekend with family and snuck away today for a little time to myself. I packed my travel cooler full of water, grabbed my camera and headed to Crown Point to check on my favorite Osprey family.

When I arrived there were a bunch of guys cutting the overgrown grass with weed trimmers. As I got closer to the nest I could see that both parents were in there with the kid and mom was feeding. I got to my usual viewing spot, set up my equipment and watched for a few hours.

Many people came through while I was there and they all stopped to chat with me about the Osprey. Some thought it was a hawk and others thought it was an eagle. As always, I was very happy to talk about the Osprey and educate people best as possible. Everyone seemed so interested to learn more about them.

Just like past years, the female stayed with the chick and the male came and went as he saw necessary. The female sat with the chick the entire time, although she did do a fly around when somebody walked by with a dog. She's relatively tolerant of people as long as the group is small and the people are quiet, but if a dog goes by, she does yell and fly in circles until it passes. I always feel bad when she's disturbed by a dog walking past, but I do secretly enjoy the opportunity to get some shots of her in flight. Today she put on a nice show and I got some good stuff of her landing back in the nest.

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June 24, 2017 This morning started out gloomy, overcast and raining, but that didn't last long. By 10:00 the sun was shining and the sky was blue with a promise for a beautiful day ahead. Since we've had so much doom and gloom over the past few months, I didn't hesitate to grab my camera and head out to check on my favorite pair of Osprey.

It's roughly a half hour drive to to get to their location and I pass at least 10 other nests on the way, but that's ok because I feel like I have a small connection with the pair I watch. As I drove, I sipped my coffee and couldn't help but wonder how many kids they would have this year. I knew today would be the day I would find out and I secretly kept hoping for three since they usually have two.

It felt like a really long drive, but I finally arrived and set up to watch them. After roughly 15 minutes of observation, I came to the conclusion that they only had one kid this year. I'm slightly bummed because the interaction between osprey siblings is so fun to watch and I know I won't get that this year. Either way though, I thoroughly enjoyed my time watching the pair with their chick. The female sat with him/her all day and the male came and went throughout the day.

Within my first hour being there, the male came through with this big fish. He was chased by a smaller bird and he circled the nest before heading to another tree to eat the head. Once he finished eating the head of the fish, he brought the remainder to mom and the kid. Mom fed the kid and ate a little herself before dad left with what was left of the fish. He stayed relatively close and held onto the fish for a few hours before he brought it back to the nest for the next feeding. Again, he sat in the nest while mom fed the youngster and then herself. This time there was nothing left when they finished and he left. He stayed close and perched in his favorite tree and was still there when I left.

I feel so lucky to have another opportunity with this beautiful pair of Osprey. This is just the beginning and I look forward to all the opportunities I'll have with them as I watch their child grow!

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June 21, 2017 The weather today was absolutely gorgeous and I had my nose buried deep in work trying to get done to meet a big deadline that is quickly approaching.  It was mostly sunny, with temps in the mid 70's and a fantastic breeze. All day I kept wishing I could play hooky, but that just simply wasn't an option.

The good thing is that I decided to work remotely today so that I could concentrate with the fewest possible interruptions. That was a great idea for several reasons. 1. because I got a lot of work done and 2. because I was able to take the boyz out for a quick walk at lunch time and enjoy some of the gorgeous weather.

After work I decided to take a really long walk. I brought a camera with me in hopes of seeing some interesting wildlife, but all I saw were some very distant small birds, a great blue heron and a vulture. The biggest highlight was of the chickens. One was hiding under a bush as if I couldn't see him under there. I giggled and said, "sorry honey, but I see you". I must have startled another chicken because she quickly ran up the embankment and under the bush with the other one. I got two shots in before she was under shade and was so amused. I wanted to stay longer and watch, but out of nowhere this big dog was barking and sounded like it was coming towards me. He must have been tied up in the back as I never saw him come around the house, but that noise was all I needed to make me move along.

Here's one of the shots I got of the chicken who ran up the embankment to hide under the bush from me. Far too funny! I guess ya never know what you may see on a walk!

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June 11, 2017 Oh boy is it a scorcher out there today! I left my house at 8:00 this morning and was back by 1:30 because the sun and heat were simply too intense. I met up with my buddy, Bob, this morning and we headed to Downing Park where we met up with our friend John.

As always, the geese and the ducks were too cooperative as they kept getting too close to us. The mallard ducklings have gotten so big in the past two weeks and currently look like small versions of their mom. This was my first time seeing the mallards at this age and they were so fun to watch. Mostly they stuck together and they did not venture too far from mom or each other. The wood ducklings still look the same, just slightly bigger than they were two weeks ago (yellowish fuzz balls). They too stuck together, but not as closely as the mallards. They seemed to be slightly more adventurous. 

After we left Downing Park, we headed over to Vassar Farms. It was so hot upon arrival and all we saw were turtles sunning themselves on the logs. We decided to walk the trail in the area to kill some time and wait for some of the waterfowl to show up. As soon as we started on the trail, I spotted the great blue heron in a tree. We stopped for a few photos and then continued on our way. We looped back around and the heron was still there, just on another branch and as we got out of the trail we could see that the Canadian Geese and their goslings were very close to the area where we would stand. We enjoyed watching them and photographing them for a while when I heard and saw the heron had decided to return to the water. The Heron came in super close at one point and I was really hoping it would catch a fish. We watched and the heron moved around several times and caught two fish for us. Both orange and a bit distant both times. 

By 1:15 Bob and I were both drenched in sweat from just standing in the sun, so we decided to call it quits. It was a fantastic day! Lots of fun hanging out with Bob and enjoying all the beautiful wildlife out there. I just wish it wasn't so hot. Here is a portrait of the Great Blue Heron when he was so close to us!

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June 10, 2017 What a busy and awesome day! I spent it across three different locations, saw so much wildlife and baked in the sun. I was supposed to go home after my second stop, but I couldn't resist the third stop and am so glad I did because there was a bunch more opportunity there.

At my first stop, I saw Canadian Geese with their goslings, Swans with their cygnets, two green heron, a great blue heron, a garter snake, a water snake, turtles and a bunch of songbirds (mostly red winged blackbirds).

At my second stop I had the pleasure to photograph an adult bald eagle and I watched some geese and a pair of mallards. I didn't take too many pics at the second stop, but I sure did a lot of walking up and down hills in the hot sun. By the time I left, I was so hot, hungry and exhausted, but instead of going home I stopped at a third location.

The third location was extremely fun, but difficult with the position of the sun. I watched a bunch of starlings bathing in a mud puddle, then went to a different area of the location and saw all kinds of stuff. There was a great blue heron fishing, four green herons, a pair of Canadian Geese with their goslings, a bunch of turtles and an American Mink. The waterfowl was not at all pleased by the appearance of the American Mink. The geese spotted it and started yelling and moving away. Then it got close to a green heron and all the green heron and the great blue heron yelled. Everyone yelled, screamed and carried on until the mink was well enough away.

My day out viewing wildlife was really awesome and I got a lot of blog worthy photo's. Because I've never seen cygnets in person, I figured I had to use my swan family photo! They didn't come too close, nor did they stay in view for long, but I enjoyed every minute that I had with them!

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June 7, 2017 Finally, the sun came out today and it was such a gorgeous day. The only thing wrong with the day was the fact that I had to spend most of it indoors, at work.

I snuck out at lunch time and enjoyed some time photographing Canadian Geese with their adorable little goslings. The goslings had the goofiest movements and all stayed together and close to the parents. This was the first time I've ever spent time with Canadian Geese and their goslings. My biggest surprise was that both the mom and the dad stayed together with them. It was really cute to observe their behaviors as a family.

As I was leaving work to head home, I saw a baby groundhog run over the hill right next to the building I work at. Thankfully I had my camera, so I went to my car and parked near the hill to see if the baby groundhog would come back out of his hole. He eventually did and so did the parent who was in there with him. After roughly 10 minutes of watching him sitting with his head out of the hole, another baby came running through and hopped into another hole that was part of their tunnel system. I sat back and watched for roughly a half hour. Both kids eventually came out and so did the parent. The kids chomped on the grass and I watched the adult collect a mouthful of grass and bring it back to their tunnel system which I'm assuming is their den/nest. I hardly get to observe groundhogs in their natural habitat, so this was rather fun. I might try to spend a little time with them again tomorrow if possible.

When I finished watching the groundhogs, I headed towards home and made a stop at Cary Institute of Ecological Studies. I didn't stay there long as I had to get home to the dogs. I first went up to Fern Glen to browse around and see what I could find, all I saw was a turtle on a log. From there, I went to the north bridge and didn't see much there either. As I was leaving, I saw three baby rabbits, but as soon as they heard my car, they ran into the tall grasses. I parked for a few minutes and turned off the car in hopes they may come back out, but they didn't.

It was really tough to choose a blog photo as the goslings and the baby groundhogs were all adorable. I wound up deciding to go with a baby groundhog shot since he is an extremely adorable little creature!

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June 1, 2017 I've been on vacation all week and the weather has been rather yucky with lots of overcast, rain and horrible thunderstorms that included hail. The sun finally appeared today and so I had the opportunity to get out. It wasn't as sunny as I expected, but that's ok, I'll take what we got since it was way better than what we've had all week. 

I relaxed and hung out with the boyz this morning and was out of the camper by 10ish. I first headed to Crown Point to check on my favorite pair of Osprey. When I arrived, the female had landed in the nest for a couple of minutes and since the male had no interest in getting up and leaving, she decided to take off. I sat and watched for a long while as he sat on the eggs and periodically got up to rotate them. Such an attentive dad as he must have rotated them 7 or 8 times while I was there watching. Eventually he was ready to leave and he called for her return. In fact, he called a little here and there over the course of a half hour before she finally returned with a small stick for the nest. Once she returned, he sat for a minute, then took off. 

By that time, it was rather overcast and the light stunk, so I took off for a drive into Vermont. I cruised around Vermont and checked out some of my favorite Wildlife Management Areas. At one of them I witnessed all kinds of fish jumping. Wish I could get a photo, but it would happen so fast and I never knew where it would happen. I also watched a Great Blue Heron catch a nice sized fish. That was kind of distant, so I'm sure I didn't get any good photo's of it, but it was fun to see.

After my drive around Vermont, I stopped back in and took a quick look at my Osprey. One of them was in the nest, but I'm not sure which. I considered staying longer to see a turnover, but since I didn't know how long the wait would be, I figured I would head back to camp and hang with my boyz.

My photo for today is of the male leaving right after mom returned with the stick. They are such an amazing pair to watch! This is now my third year hanging out with them and I'm anxious to see how many kids they have. In the past two years, they had two kids each year. I keep hoping they'll have three, but the realistic side of me is expecting two. As soon as I know, I'll make sure all my blog followers also know!


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May 23, 2017 It's only the beginning of the work week and I can't help but think about the weekend and my vacation plans next week. 

Things at work have been extremely busy as I've been trying to finishes up the final touches to meet the big deadlines that are quickly approaching. It's been rather exhausting and stressful and causing me to work longer hours than usual, so my upcoming vacation will be much needed time off.

At the end of the work day today, I took a quick drive through Cary Institute. I saw a couple of bunnies, some turtles and some small birds. I didn't stay long, but I did stop to photograph one of the bunnies I saw. It wasn't a very exciting trip out, but it was a nice break and it allowed me to clear my head and relax.

The bunny I photographed sat so still for me and let me get relatively close. I kept hoping it would turn and look at me, but that didn't happen. So, here it is, a nice profile shot of the cute little bunny!

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May 21, 2017 Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your day has been as good as mine! I made a few stops today and got to see lots of birds. 

My first stop was in Staatsburgh where I went for a walk through the Hopeland trail looking for birds to photograph. I heard a bunch of birds and saw a lot of stuff, but I only took a few shots of warblers. After I completed my walk through the trails, I went over to Norrie Point to goof off. I walked around the educational building and I only saw loud/obnoxious children and then fisherman on the pier. After not seeing any wildlife there, I headed over to the marina. I walked up the hill to the picnic area and didn't see anything, so I headed back down to the docks where I got to see a bald eagle come around the corner and fly past the marina. It happened so fast and was a bit too distant for pics, but still a vision to watch. I didn't stay long before heading out.

As I was leaving Norrie I thought it was a perfect time for some lunch, so I picked up a subway sandwich and headed to the Cary Institute of Ecological Studies. I ate lunch while walking and exploring. I saw lots of songbirds, turtles and frogs. Just as I was considering leaving to go home, I stumbled upon a Barred Owl. I looked up as I was walking and it was literally over my head. I had to back up to get a shot of it (a portrait). And I had to back up even further to get the whole owl in the frame. I stayed and watched it in the tree for roughly 45 minutes, hoping it would hunt and catch something, but it didn't. It just sat and snoozed. Then it moved to another tree where it was sitting more in the sun. I continued to hope it would hunt, but it never did. It sat, looked around, snoozed and preened. It didn't care that I was there watching and it didn't care when this teenage couple walked right passed it. I thought for sure it would fly, but it didn't. I watched for another 45 minutes, then snuck up closer for some portrait shots and the owl was too busy snoozing and wouldn't even bother to look at me. Eventually I thanked it for letting me get some great shots and I left it sitting there snoozing. It isn't often when I get such a fantastic opportunity, so I feel rather blessed for this one today!

Here is the beautiful Barred Owl who snoozed and preened without caring about me watching and photographing him! Definitely one of life precious moments!

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May 20, 2017 Weekends are always the best because I can get out with my camera and photograph wildlife.

This morning was drizzly and overcast, but I still met up with Bob and Justin and we went to Downing Park to photograph the mallard and wood ducklings. When we arrived, we ran into Dan and a bunch of other photographers. Not long after, Dwight joined us. The light creamy colored mallard had a bunch of ducklings and three of the female wood ducks had ducklings. There were lots of kids to photograph, but they mostly stayed a bit distant. The Canadian Geese population was outrageous. I don't know where they all came from, but wow, there were so many and they kept getting too close, into my personal space. Other big highlights were the Great Egret and the Great Blue Heron who hung out and put on a nice show for us. There were also a bunch of robins (some catching worms), tree swallows, sparrows (who were collecting geese feathers for their nests, gulls, turtles and pigeons.

Mostly I wound up focusing on the Great Egret and the Great Blue Heron. They both looked like they were hunting for a meal, so I was hoping to catch them with fish. The Great Egret did eventually get one, but it chose to do so that moment I got up to go grab my coffee from the car. Seriously? I took my eye off the prize for about 30 seconds and that is when the action happened. So devastating. Anyhow, watching the Great Egret and the Great Blue Heron was really fascinating. The Great Blue Heron eventually left, chasing another Great Blue Heron, but the Great Egret was around the whole time we were there.

I took almost 1000 photos in Newburgh and it was hard to choose one for the blog. I eventually decided to go with one of my Great Egret shots! I hope you've all had a fantastic day and have enjoyed my blog photo!

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May 18, 2017 Work was hectic today with a bunch of meetings and trying to tie up loose end for my big deadline that is quickly approaching. I took a walk during my lunch break to clear my head so I would stay focussed throughout the afternoon and it was incredibly hot. It must have already been close to 90 degrees out. 

After work, I stopped home to take care of the boyz, then I went out to Cary Institute of Ecological Studies. It was extremely hot and buggy there. The bugs kept flying into my ears and eyes and one even flew up into my nose and got lodged for roughly 2 minutes. That was very uncomfortable and hurt a little bit.

Because of all the bugs flying about, the birds were also pretty active. I saw barn swallows, a baltimore oriole, grackles, eastern bluebirds, pigeons, and a few other types of birds I don't know. The muskrat made a cameo appearance and mama merganser came through with her kids. I kept hoping they would cooperate for pics, but they never did. I had a fantastic opportunity with a grackle taking a bath and a male barn swallow who posed very nicely and even flapped his wings for me. I had a tough time choosing between a bathing grackle and the barn swallow flapping his wings and decided to go with the little swallow since I liked the shot so much!

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May 16, 2017 This past Friday, I drove up to the Adirondacks with my dogs and opened camp for the season. There was a ton of work to be done and I worked the entire day Friday and part of the day on Saturday. The mice got into my camper and left me some horrible surprises, but I got things cleaned up and got past it.

I had a four day weekend planned and hoped to get out with my camera, but the weather was horrid on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It was so gloomy, rainy and then on Monday the winds picked up and were very strong. I wound up deciding to work on Monday and take today off instead. What a great idea that was because today was absolutely gorgeous. The sun shined so nicely, the temps were perfect and the wind stayed away.

I got up early and headed to Crown Point to check on my favorite Osprey couple. They looked fantastic and were sitting on eggs. When I first arrived mom was on the nest and shortly thereafter dad came in to give her a break. She left, but wasn't out for long when another female osprey came in and was circling low around the nest. She went back to the nest and dad left to chase the intruder away. Roughly a half hour later, he returned with a very nice sized stick and gave mom another break. I stayed and watched for a bit. She first flew to a tree near Lake Champlain and let me approach for some tree shots. She sat for a bit and then went to one of the favorite dead trees that she likes. She sat and preened and I watched for a bit, but then decided to head back to camp.

When I got back to camp, I took the boyz for a nice walk and then we returned to the campsite so I could have some lunch. They spent the remainder of the afternoon lounging in their pen, while I sat next to them and photographed my chipmunks and birds. Somehow, I wound up taking roughly a 1,000 photo's today. So many cute photos to go through.

I had roughly 5 or 6 chipmunks coming to see me today. A couple of them actually remembered me and ran straight towards me for a peanut. Two of them even let me pat them. Oh, how much I love petting my chippy's! Currently my favorite little guy is "Stubby", named for his half a tail. He is one from last year and will follow me around the yard until I give him a peanut, I absolutely love it!

It was hard to decide on a pic today since I got so much cute stuff, so I decided to go with a shot of the male osprey bringing a big stick back to the nest! I hope you enjoy, I'm so thrilled to be back at camp with all my furry and feathered friends.

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